The Harebrained Press Project is my goal to fulfill a dream to undertake each stage in the process of creating a deluxe, handmade, limited edition run of my book, Closer than Breathing. This means carrying out as much of the printing, binding and publishing as possible myself, and without the resources of mainstream industry. Instead, I hope to rely on traditional methods and local support (with the exception of online marketing).


I've decided to do this for two reasons: firstly, because I would like to have the creative freedom to publish my book in the way that is best suited to its content; and, secondly, because I believe letterpress printed, hand-bound books have the potential to add to the quality of the reader’s encounter with the work.


I've put together this website so that I can share my experiences with others who may be interested in writing, printing, bookbinding, or self-publishing themselves.


If you'd like to know more, please feel free to click the link below and check out some of my Youtube videos; or sign up to my mailing list, which will give you updates on my progress through my 'Studio News'.


Beck Sutton.

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