The Harebrained Press Project is the most unique publishing venture undertaken in Australia to date. This is the first time an Australian author has produced such an extended work of fiction herself using the traditional handcrafts.


Since 2016, R. I. Sutton has worked towards realising her collection of short stories, Closer than Breathing, as a completely independent enterprise. Employing hand-executed bookmaking techniques such as typesetting using movable type, letterpress printing, paper marbling and bookbinding, Sutton is publishing Closer than Breathing in the medium best suited to its spirit as a characterful work of art.

The project has been an epic enterprise made especially challenging by the difficulties presented in sourcing rare and often expensive equipment, in struggling to find teachers or information related to each craft, and in acquiring the costly tools and materials imperative to a well-made book. Nevertheless, Closer than Breathing approaches its completion early in 2022 as Sutton works her way through the final stage of binding her books.


If you would like to read the ‘story behind the story’, to be informed of Closer than Breathing pre-sales and its launch in 2022, please check out our site and sign up for the project’s Studio News. We appreciate your support!


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