The Harebrained Press is a print studio nestled among the eucalyptus trees in country Victoria, Australia. Writer and book artist R.I. Sutton and artist Kain White create fine press products of quality and uniqueness using the traditional bookmaking techniques of hand-typesetting, relief printmaking, paper marbling, and binding.

This small press began in 2016 with The Harebrained Press ProjectSutton's endeavour to produce her collection of short stories, Closer than Breathing, by hand and as a completely independent venture. Seven years after its inception, the project was completed in 2023. 



With a love for literature and a focus on continuing the bookmaking crafts, The Harebrained Press is dedicated to sharing the journey with others. To learn more about the story behind our books, please sign up to our Studio News. We appreciate your interest and support!


If you would like to see how we started out, watch our short documentary on The Harebrained Press Project, featured below.


Short Documentary on The Harebrained Press Project

To buy your copy of Closer than Breathing, Seven Tales click here or on the image below.  

Closer than Breathing Book Trailer