10. March 2018
Tracing common words and phrases to their origin in printing

01. October 2017
A new phase of the project begins!

06. August 2017
My progress with the project so far.

01. July 2017
About typesetting; and my home compositor's rig.

28. May 2017
The Inaugural Meeting for the International Association of Printing Museums, and our last day of the festival

08. May 2017
Visiting the Presidential Villa and the Presidential Archives

15. April 2017
The first phase of our journey to Jikji Korea, taking part in the Inaugural Meeting of the International Association of Printing Museums.

03. April 2017
The Melbourne Museum of Printing offers me and my friend, Soren, the opportunity to take part in Jikji Korea.

18. March 2017
A Brief Overview of the Different Printing Methods

04. March 2017
My first experience of typesetting and printing at the Melbourne Museum of Printing

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