Writer, R.I. Sutton grew up in the Harcourt region of Central Victoria, Australia: an area known for its dramatic hillscapes and granite plutons. She has been both a student and teacher of creative writing. Her work has appeared in Glint, Zahir, Lalitamba and Kalimat literary journals and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize (best works published and selected by an American small press). She currently resides in Castlemaine, a town in Central Victoria. Closer than Breathing is her first published collection.




Kain White created the images for Closer than Breathing, Seven Tales. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from LaTrobe university with his main study areas in drawing and printmaking. He has exhibited in Melbourne and Sydney as well as various regional galleries. Aside from a focus in painting and printmaking, White also works in animation, illustration and education.


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